The Show Must Go On


Sarah Washburn singing Part Of Your World from Disney’s The Little Mermaid.

Lexie Johnson and Sydnie Rice

   As BCHS goes through a hard time of having to work through a pandemic in a school setting, they must plan a play with Covid restrictions. BCHS held auditions on February 3rd & 4th of 2021. Even though Covid has taken over our lives, BCHS’s Mendy Leyendecker and the theater crew have found new ways to adapt. From standing 6 feet apart to wearing masks while performing the cast and crew follow the rules of Covid even while acting.

   Seniors Payton Meyer, Maddie Vendsel, and freshmen Ryann Karieva and Katherine Ciecalone were among those who recently auditioned. We asked questions like, are you nervous about your audition? What did you do to prepare for this audition? And more. Their answers varied from how nervous they were, the seniors were hoping for more of the spotlight since it is their last year doing a school play. One freshman wanted to be used anywhere they needed her in the production which is greatly appreciated by Mrs. Leyendecker. The main auditions consisted mostly of singing and dancing, while a few monologues were spoken. Some students even played instruments like the guitar. The local panel consisted of four people including Mrs. Leyendecker. There were a total of 31 students who auditioned for this play over two days. BCHS is grateful to be continuing with its arts program while staying safe.