Behind the Lens of Professional Photographers and the Eagle Post Staff

Brianna Bowyer


Most people have taken photos to remember a specific moment in time with a birthday, a dance, or a victory. Local photographers Felix Adamo and Alex Horvath have created accomplished careers as professional photographers as they have captured these moments at a broad spectrum of locations and events throughout Kern County and beyond.

Felix Adamo started taking photographs while he was in the Air Foce in 1972. “The Airman’s Club on base had a darkroom we could use to develop film and print photos which I would do in my free time,” Adamo said. Once Adamo was out of the Air Force he took pictures at local motorcycle races. Adamo would then submit the photos he took to the national newspaper Cycle News. Adamo told BCHS journalism students during a class presentation, “It was a thrill seeing my photos in print and that’s what kept me interested, knowing thousands of people were looking at my pictures.”

Later, Adamo began taking photographs for newspapers like The Bakersfield Californian where he worked for 40 years. Adamo said, “It’s the only real job I ever had and I could consider myself very lucky to have had a job doing what I like. It also opened my eyes to the art world, going to galleries and exhibits in Los Angeles and San Francisco and seeing the work of photographers I admired.”

Another local professional photographer, Alex Horvath,  began his photographer career in high school by taking photos and developing them in the darkroom for a journalism class. “From there through the research of different careers I set my sights on photojournalism. I choose a school in Ohio that offered a photojournalism degree.” Horvath’s passion for photography continue to grow and advance as he took more photos for various occasions. “Photography influenced my life in many ways first and for most it is a great responsibility to to accurately portray events and especially human conditions,” stated Horvath.

Photography as a profession has also become a way of life for both Adamo and Horvath, as they have made their daily lives colorful and artistic. Photography was a way for both to create lives that provided them with solid salaries.  They also enjoyed how they were invited to capture so many emotions portrayed by people in memorable events.

They said these events were meaningful and transcended time as they became recorded in images and storylines that they shared with many people. In addition to these professional photographers special training has also been provided by Karen Dierks and Robert McDuff in the Advancement Office at BCHS.  “It is a blessing to have these talented and humble artists sharing their craft with our students. To see our students trained in their techniques and inspired by their decades of exceptional work is a blessing to me as a teacher at BCHS,” said BCHS Journalism/Yearbook teacher Jillian Stump.

This partnership of learning between the professionals and the Eagle Post and BCHS yearbook student photographers will continue throughout the second semester with winter and spring sports as well as special events to document. After an exciting first half of the year with action packed photography opportunities on the fields and courts it is exciting to think what comes next. The memorable moments of 2019 and 2020 are in good hands.  These experts will continue to guide and train the Eagle Post and BCHS yearbook staff to capture the highlights and gift them back to the readers as each new chapter unfolds.