A Different Approach to Holidays

Kailee Shuford

This year many things are different, considering we are going through a pandemic. One of those important things are holidays that have or are about to happen. Such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. Many families have family members that live out of town, and they don’t get to see them very often. Usually, around the holidays is when families gather to spend time with each other. Some people couldn’t get together to see their family in person due to health issues. People did Zoom calls with their family so that they could still talk to each other even though they were not able to be together. California residents did receive guidelines about the precautions that had to be taken while celebrating holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. Some of those being limited people in each house, wearing masks or social distancing. With Christmas coming up, many families are starting to hang up Christmas lights, set up Christmas trees, and making plans to get ready for Christmas. Families are also talking about celebrating with half of the family on Christmas Eve, then the other half on Christmas Day to be extra safe with the pandemic restrictions. No matter how this year’s Thanksgiving was different and how this Christmas is going to look, many are thankful to have the blessings God has given and is continuing to give throughout this Advent season.