Baseball and Softball

Chloe Weiting and Brooklynn Tyre

Baseball and softball have been conditioning and practicing for the start of the season. These two sports have extremely talented kids participating. BCHS’s baseball team won the league in 2018, and softball’s last league win was in 2005. Baseball is a popular sport here at BCHS all over campus, and students are often seen representing their favorite team. They show off their pride by wearing jerseys, wearing ball caps, and even wearing hoodies or t-shirts. Even with softball, the girls are representing their travel teams or even representing the school. Currently, both softball and baseball are practicing with their teams. Baseball has both Junior Varsity and Varsity; softball, on the other hand, only has Varsity. Student journalists had permission to attend their practices and capture pictures of them swinging, catching, running, and even more. These pictures show how they are working hard with every drill and scrimmage while still practicing social distance. It has been heard that BCHS’s softball and baseball seasons will start in January of 2021. Although starting the season is very exciting, there are still going to be the same rules so that no more COVID-19 cases test positive.