Chapel is Back!

Bakersfield Christian experiences its first in-person chapel of the year.

Brooklynn Reed, Writer/Editor

On the morning of November 5, 2020, Bakersfield Christian High School had its first in person on-campus chapel in eight months. Taking place on the baseball field, students sat six feet apart and wore their masks. Mr. Buetow opened chapel by “inaugurating” Mr. Chai and other new faculty members, simultaneously welcoming them and introducing them to the rest of the study body.

Mr. Buetow lead the chapel, and he did not disappoint. Buetow centered his lesson around the phrase, “We’re back, what now?” He used his prior experience from teaching at Lutheran schools to recount a story where infighting led to the bitter loss of their high school football team that had only been mere points away from victory. He used this analogy to compare the team’s fighting to quarreling between the followers of Christ. He says that fighting each other distracts you from your main goal, which is to accept Christ in your heart and spread His love to others. You must accept him in your journey to help those around you that may be struggling with their faith. Buetow urges students to be understanding of each other and the problems they may have run into during quarantine and steer them towards the path of God.