Kelly’s Story


This is Kelly, in this photo she was in Beijing, China.

Grace Wilkes

This year BCHS had the opportunity to have a foreign exchange student from China, Kelly Zhou. Kelly is from Northern China and has been an exchange student for 18 months now. This is the first school she has attended in Bakersfield; she has also been to a school in Jersey. Kelly has had fun at all the schools she has been to, but so far, this is one of her favorites. The main reason why Kelly decided to become an international student is that she wanted a change in her environment and wanted to make new friends. Sadly, she does not have any family members here.
When Kelly was given the opportunity to come to BCHS, she was very happy. In China, she never had to learn about the bible because it is not in their culture. She now has the new opportunity to learn all about it here. Kelly had to face the challenge of learning the complicated language of English. Kelly is persevering and getting better every day at her speaking and is always learning new things.