Freshman Class Bigger Than Ever


Luca O’Neil, the freshman class president, shows off the new freshman bell in the office by ringing it.

Bakersfield Christian has immensely grown since it was first founded in 1979. Amazingly, the number of freshmen in the 2020-2021 school year has broken BCHS’s records because of its massive class size. To this day, the current freshman class is still growing. We are growing so much that there is now a waiting list for first-year students to come into BCHS. The journalism class interviewed Mr. Chai on November 3rd about the recent news on the school’s academic growth and the now full waiting list. Mr. Chai revealed details on the freshman class this year, the abundance of students on the waiting list, and how BCHS plans to adapt to the large number of incoming freshmen. “At this point, the 171 is where we are cutting off the in-person learning; anybody after that is going to be on the waiting list. The waiting list is the result of spacing, and because of the fact, there are only so many sections” (Chai).
For the first time in BCHS history, the freshman class is maxed out, with 171 students in total. Bakersfield Christian has never seen a class as big as this freshman class. As a result of this, more classes, teachers, and faculty will be needed need to handle the number of students. Mr. Chai believes that the rising popularity of BCHS is mostly due to the global pandemic. We are the only school in Kern County that allows in-person learning five days a week.