Theater In A Socially Distanced Environment


Paulina Evangelista behind the scenes.

Sydnie Rice, Writer

The plays that the theater department has thrown throughout the years have always been outstanding, and now they are producing another play that will be wonderful. “The play is a collection of monologues that were written at the beginning of quarantine by American teenagers. So it’s actual teenage voices.” The play, which is available at 4:30 pm Friday, November 6th, is played by 18 students who are portraying American teenagers with the exception of Gabe Garcia, who is playing the host and a teenager. “We’ve actually been rehearsing this play since the beginning of August. How we scheduled rehearsals were, we did them individually. Nobody rehearsed at the same time, and we also filmed it individually.” Mrs. Leyendecker is throwing a premiere party for the cast after school on Friday, where the cast will view the finished play for the first time. Students and faculty members will be able to watch them perform all weekend by going on the BCHS Instagram and Facebook pages and clicking on the link to Youtube; the link will be up at 4:00 pm. Also, there will be another link if people want to read the virtual program where you can see the cast and what it took to produce the play. We here at BCHS cannot wait to view this play!


Cade Schweitzer recording his part.