Election Day 2020

Kailee Shuford

On November 3rd, 2020, was Election Day. Election Day and presidential matters affect everyone nationwide, not just in one place. This day was huge for all of us for different reasons, but mostly it mattered to us because we will have to follow the leadership of whoever wins, whether that be Trump or Biden. There have been many conflicts and clashes happening between each party. In contrast, some are voting for Trump, while some are voting for Biden. There have been no certainties in this election. Trump has attended fourteen rallies throughout the past week. Both Trump and Biden are focusing on new places each week to win over that state’s votes. Every person has their own different opinions and people they are voting for. There were nearly one hundred million people that had voted early. Voting for a president is very important and severe. One has to do tons of research and keep up with the news that is happening globally. Whoever wins this election will be president for the next four years, which may not seem like a long time to some, but a lot can be changed for the better or worse in that amount of time. That is why it is crucial to research to make sure a voter picks the best candidate. This year the election was happening during a pandemic. Anything happening during an epidemic is very different, especially something as big and important as an election. This year states had a drive-through dropbox and mailing option for people to vote. Many students and teachers on campus were wearing Trump or Biden shirts, masks, or hats to promote who they support. Many students and teachers had also been seen wearing “I voted” sticker to show that they had done their civic duty.