Honoring Our Military

Thank you to the alumni, staff, current students, and all veterans for putting your life on the line

Honoring Our Military

Lilah Lucas, Editor

Ashton Gains (right) from West Point.

With Veteran’s Day approaching, the BCHS Yearbook/ Journalism team, along with the whole student body and staff, would like to honor those who have served and are currently fighting for our country. From being on the battlefield and seeing combat to flying an aircraft up in the sky, we would like to thank all who have put their life on the line for our safety. The U.S. military is dear to the heart of BCHS, seeing as there are staff and students who have served or are currently serving. There are alumni like Nathan Rodzant, Noah Reese, and Noah Taylor, who are currently serving our country. All of these Alumni are enjoying their time in the service and are proud to be protecting our nation.
Mr. Porter, a veteran who served in the Army, is the current head of security at BCHS. He says that “serving in the army is a good opportunity to learn patriotism and discipline.” He talked about his own personal experience and what he learned during his time serving. “We must appreciate the freedoms we have in America and defend them. No matter what the person next to you believes or looks like, all that is important is that everyone’s blood is red, and we want to protect our country,” Porter says.
The BCHS staff and student body support the U.S. military and honor our veterans. Serving time overseas, or even being stationed here at home and defending our borders, protecting our country is a sacrifice that not all can make. We thank all of the veterans for their service, and we keep them in our prayers.

If anyone else family or friends serving in the military that they would like to honor, please email @[email protected] so we may include them in this honorary article.

Use the below link to watch the Veteran’s Day Video