The Presidential Election: Results

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May 24, 2021

Blurred portrait of African-American woman holding “I VOTED” sticker while standing at a polling station on post-pandemic election day.

On Saturday night, the presidential election results came in. Joseph R. Biden, Jr. was declared the winner by a number of news organizations as president of the United States after the vote-counting in Pennsylvania, which gave him above the 270 electoral college votes, the minimum amount needed to secure the presidency. Now, U.S. citizens are not sure that these are the final results because Donald Trump and many of his supporters are making allegations of voter fraud.

Trump has legally challenged the voting results. He has filed five new lawsuits in Pennsylvania, attempting to block 8,349 ballots from being counted. Also, there is a full, by hand recount of the ballots in Michigan and Georgia after Trump’s team claimed it was unfair voting.

For now, Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala D. Harris are planning out their administration with their advisers’ help. He has also already begun to make progress in his transition efforts. According to the Washington Post, Biden talked to Pope Francis regarding problems of climate change and other relevant topics.

There has been some social unrest following the election results. Protests have been held outside the White House and in many states. President Trump also has not yet agreed to concede the presidency. A recent development is Porter, Wright Morris & Arthur, the law firm that assisted Trump’s attempts to investigate Pennsylvania’s election results abruptly dropped the federal lawsuit that Trump filed earlier this week.