The Sammy Hour

Sam Baldavinos’ and his exciting start in the world of media


Sam and Jacob Montecino (episode 3)

Lilah Lucas, Editor

Sam Baldovinos is a senior at BCHS who has made outstanding accomplishments in his academics and social life. Most notably, Sam has created an entertaining podcast titled “The Sammy Hour”, which has been widely spread over the past few months. Sam describes his experiences in making the podcast to be “life-changing and exciting.” Sam has brought on many guests to his podcast; people like Jacob Montecino, Gabriel Wells, and Congressman Vince Fong. Sam noted that in his episode with guest speaker Vince Fong he thought to himself, “Holy cow! I’m with a politician right now.” It is Sam’s goal to bring guest speakers on the show who can be remembered and can spark a good conversation. He has done just that!

All the while the podcast is exciting and glamorous, Sam did speak on the not so exciting parts like the advertisement and editing. Sam says that whenever he records a show and it needs editing, he will edit it then release it that night. For the advertisement, Sam likes to send some of his contacts individual messages to get the podcast out along with a small team that helps him advertise on social media.

There are obvious perks to his podcast, however, Sam says, “I think my favorite part is meeting new people, getting to know them, their story, message, and their background.” The time and effort Sam has put into his show are outstanding and he holds the hope that it will inspire many others.