A New Way for FFA

This year’s Future Farmers of America (FFA) program  looked very different. With school transitioned to online, BCHS’s students enrolled in FFA have had very unprecedented and unique challenges they have had to overcome. Mrs. Love, the FFA and Ag department leader, says, “[This year for FFA is] definitely different. FFA has always been a hands-on youth organization. While we are still trying to be as hands-on as possible, we are also trying to embrace this new path of safe learning.” The weekly leadership classes and monthly meetings were being hosted via Zoom to stay safe and socially distanced. Mrs. Love and the student-elected FFA officers were doing their best to keep students involved and interested. During monthly meetings, you can find the students on zoom participating in fun games and discussing interesting topics. For example, this month’s October meeting, attendees are encouraged to dress up in their Halloween costumes for a costume contest. Another challenge the FFA has overcome is a new way to show their animals. Usually, showing animals took place at the Kern County Fair. With the outcome each year being in the thousands of participants, there was no way to have an in-person fair. Judges had to come up with a whole new set of rules and regulations. This year participants were required to send in videos of them showing their species. These videos consisted of them showing their animals at all angles and walking them. The judges did their best to make sure everything was as fair as possible. Our FFA students have placed outstandingly this year, with many students who have received high awards and placements. The Kern County Fair wasn’t the only changed event, however. Some of BCHS’s students participated in an alternate way of showing their animals, the Lockdown Show. This show was open for anyone who wanted to bring their animals to be judged by a live judge. This show was a small quiet affair, so there were many fewer attendees. The whole show was socially distanced with safety measures such as large stalls and requiring masks to be worn at all times. The event was as close to an average fair as one could have in these times. BCHS’s FFA has proven their ability to work together and stay connected. “Our theme for BCHS’s FFA this year is ‘Into the Unknown.’ Trust in God, and together we can do anything!” said Mrs. Love. The students of Bakersfield Christian’s FFA are indeed an example of adapting and overcoming by putting their trust in God as He blessed the program.