Keeping up with Sports

David Meshreky, Eagle Post Staff Writer

The CIF Southern Section has issued updates on future sports plans. The CIF Southern Section is “totally committed to doing everything we can to be able to go forward with fall sports championships,” commissioner Rob Wigod said in a letter to section principals and athletic directors on Wednesday.
Interview with BCHS Athletic Director, Blake Van Der Schaaf:

“No official word as of yet on Fall Sports. No summer workouts are allowed at this time. Should have a clearer picture by the first week of June on how things will look.“

“This is having a huge impact being that no team workouts are allowed. No summer leagues, camps, etc. In a normal year most of our teams would already be working out and getting ready for summer events. This will push back the timeline and make it harder for coaches to implement what they want with their programs.”

“Kids with scholarships are in the same situation. It all depends on what college they will be attending and in which state it is in. Different states are allowing different things as far as restrictions. It’s really just a wait and see and them being in constant communication with the college’s coaching staffs.”

“Lessons I have learned is that you can only control what is in your power. As frustrating as this has been for everyone we are dependent on what our government is allowing us to do and not do. I have also learned to be thankful for what you have and never take anything for granted. You never know when your last game will be. Always cherish what is in front of you and live in the moment!”

“What a year for Lexi Reynish and Ben Yurosek! The biggest thing about both of them is how they represented BCHS both on and off the field/court. They both won championships and received numerous awards. I am most proud of the Christ-like attitudes they allowed all of us to witness. They have defiantly lived up to what we are looking for in our student-athletes.”
This has been an amazing year of sports for Bakersfield Christian High-School. Regardless of this pandemic we have had numerous athletic achievements and awards that have made this year one for the books. A huge shoutout to all the coaches and trainers who have made this school’s athletic program possible.