The BCHS JV and Varsity Boys and Girls Water Polo Teams Grow in Character and Skill

Isabel Cordova, Yearbook Staff


This year’s BCHS Water Polo teams have had an outstanding season. The JV teams have only lost one game the entire season. All four of the boys and girls JV and Varsity teams have all the spots filled for the first time in the history of the program.

The highlight of the season was when two of the Varsity Boys, Michael Rahal and Jack Ritchie asked BCHS Coach Mark Brewer if they could let a player with autism from the opposing team score a point against them. The Mission Oak senior had never scored a goal throughout his four years of high school, and this goal would be his first.

Both of the coaches agreed and let him score.  Brewer said, “It was one of the sweetest moments of our season. It was very meaningful for the Mission Oak Team, but also our home team. This event reflects our team culture.” Both JV and Varsity teams have shown amazing potential with the future of the water polo program looking bright. “It was exciting to see our players contribute to the Homecoming Rally by creating a team dance to entertain the crowd. It is fantastic that the teams are competing together and also having a lot of fun.” The water polo teams have had an amazing season and cannot wait for what next year has in store.