BCHS Cheerleaders Raise the Bar on Eagle Spirit

The varsity cheer squad hit this awesome stunt at there homecoming rally.

Amelia Sorci , Yearbook Staff

This year’s Varsity Cheer squad is an exceptional team of students who bring athleticism and high energy to games and school rallies.  The new team of young women demonstrate avid school spirit and keep the roaring crowds entertained. They have worked diligently to perfect every dance, and the long hours of training is reflected in their performances at games and school rallies.  The Junior Varsity and Varsity teams have welcomed new members and continue to expand their skill base. Working under the direction of their coaches, the students work vigorously on new routines and dances daily while juggling academics, extracurricular and family responsibilities.

All of BCHS staff and student body is looking forward to what the Cheer teams have to offer at upcoming events. A strong sense of school spirit  can be felt at the rallies and games. BCHS students and staff  are witnessing  a new level of participation from the fans and families at each event. Players on various athletic teams have also noted that having the cheerleaders rally the crowds helps them compete with more intensity at each match and tournament as they face off with their opponents on the field or court through out the county.