BCHS Volleyball Swept 2018 Division 1 State Finalists Central High School

Girl’s Varsity volleyball team sweeps 2018 D1 state championship’s runner up, Central High School, 3-0.

Herman called out the play

Brianna Bowyer, Eagle Post Associate Editor


Fresno’s Central High School has always presented fantastic athletes among its student body, its volleyball team securing a second place title in the 2018 CIFs (California Interscholastic Federation) Central Section. This led head coach Matt Touchstone to schedule a pre-season game to see the caliber of teams they could be facing later in the season. Touchstone says that, “Central has been one of the top Division One teams [in California], I wanted us to face as many good teams as possible to prepare us for future playoff matches August 20th indicated the first game of the season for the Lady Eagles, all they knew was last years seasons line up, “I knew [that Central was] graduating a lot of seniors, so I had no idea of what to expect from them, and who they had returning. They’ve always been really good, so I assumed that they were going to be a really talented team. So we decided to scout them out as they warmed up, and just go from there.”  

As the student body filed through the gym, the girls surveyed their competition, in which they were quick to realize that they were not the same team as last year. The way they played was different, their caliber was no where near what it has been in previous years, and the overall appearance of the team was not at all intimidating. Without much hesitation the girls began to play, they knew that they couldn’t let up to this team and start the season at a low point. With a 3-0 sweep the Eagles played their hearts out, even though the team wasn’t what they expected, they still played as if they were the same as last years group. When asked if the outcome of the game surprised him Coach Touchstone responded by saying Once we saw [Central] warm up, no, but prior to that yes. Without knowing the caliber of their team it was a bit surprising compared to what they were last year. After seeing them warm up and play the first part of the first game, no I was not surprised at all.” 

With the rest of the season still ahead of them Coach Touchstone is eager to see the full potential of his team. “[With the continuation of the season I’m looking forward to] seeing all the players learn and grow. I’m not really concerned about how we do in the beginning of the year, but as we progress I hope to see us reaching our full potential by making a good run at Valley and State.” This year’s varsity volleyball team presents so much talent, athleticism, energy, and excitement. Each and every girl on the team is so completely and utterly excited for the season ahead and we bid them the best of luck throughout the rest of the year.