Fun Things to do While at Home

Amelia Sorci, Eagle Post Staff Writer

This quarantine seems endless and with this time at home we are all running out of ideas for what to do. We at the Eagle Post have created this fun article to give you some inspiration on how to spend your days in quarantine. We hope you try some of these out with your family!

1. Just because you’re not going to leave your house doesn’t mean you don’t have to get out of your pajamas. Get up and get dressed, try out a new style, or do your hair in a fun way.

2. Pick up a new hobby. Learn something you’ve been wanting to but never had the time (Now you do!). Some hobbies you can pick up include cooking, baking, learning an instrument, painting, becoming a coffee barista, origami (a good time consumer) scrapbooking, and story writing.

3. Have a dance party. It’s good to get up and get moving. Put on your favorite jams and dance like no one is watching! While doing this its good to keep in mind that your family is stuck at home with you too, so be considerate and use headphones if you must.

4. Get up, get moving, and get stretching. Sitting down on your couch all day definitely isn’t doing you any good, so get up and stretch. Go on YouTube and try a workout you’ve never done before that keeps things interesting. But if your not the one for home workouts stretching is always an option. It wakes your muscles up and feels refreshing (especially after all the Netflix marathons on the couch).

5. Clean/redecorate your room. Though the cleaning part of this isn’t as fun as the other things, it’s better to be stuck in a clean environment than a cluttered one. I know you have a drawer that’s full of unsorted things. Clean that out. It will leave you feeling accomplished. Check on Pinterest and find styles that you like for your room. Rearrange and redecorate the things you have. It’s good to change it up once and awhile.

6. Try out the show or movie your friends have been telling you about. You have plenty of time now to dive into a new show or watch a movie you’ve been wanting to see. Just be sure not to become a couch potato!

7. Remember to stay in contact with your friends, they are stuck at home too! They want to hear from you just as much as you want to hear from them. We live in the perfect time for online communication. If your missing doing stuff with them you could always try an online game. Minecraft, Animal Crossing, and Fortnite are all good options to play with friends online.

8. Grow in your faith. There are plenty of online or live stream church services for you to watch. Break open your bible or devotional. Take this time to pray for our world, healthcare workers, and those that have been affected by the virus. We know this isn’t an easy time and God is ready to listen and comfort anyone who may be struggling.

9. Think outside the box. Being cooped up in your house can lead to some pretty crazy and fun ideas. Try dying your food silly colors with food coloring. Purple mash potatoes are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face. Try learning an impression. Wouldn’t it be fun to be able to sound like Kermit the Frog? Learn how to do a cartwheel. Camping inside or in your backyard. Dress up in costumes. The possibilities are endless.

10. Though school is wrapping up, make sure to stay up to date with your online work. For those doing summer school, be honest with your work and stay on top of it so you can get ready to conquer the next school year!