2020 Girls Basketball

Amelia Sorci, Eagle Post Staff

The girls Varsity Bakersfield Christian basketball team did not disappoint this year. They trained diligently throughout their season. The Girl’s Varsity team was 8-10 overall and 4-2 in conference play. “Highlights include the strong play of the 11th grader Dami Sule in the post with several games where she has scored over 20 points and had 20 rebounds. 11th grade guard Lauren Buetow is the other returning starter from last year’s team and has been instrumental with both ball-handling and scoring.” said Coach Mr. John Buetow. Freshman Leah Chairez, who has a 10 point average per game, was pulled up to varsity during their playoffs. “Varsity was very fun. I was able to challenge myself and get to know all the girls on the team,” Leah said. Everyone at Bakersfield Christian is so proud of theses girls. BCHS students and families are looking forward to see future accomplishments earned by these gifted girls.