Coach Garrett Brown Leads Eagles Into Successful 2019-2020 Season



The 2019-2020 Basketball Season has been one for the books! The BCHS Eagles currently undefeated in playoffs going for a Valley Championship this Friday, February 28. Today February 26, 2020, BCHS Journalism Class interviewed  Varsity Coach Garret Brown for more insight on this season and the success they’ve had as a team.

Q&A with Varsity Head Coach, Garret Brown

Q: What were some of the highlights of this season so far?

A: “So far, going 10-0 in league and winning league. We beat Pacifica, a top division 2 team at home. Another thing was beating Rancho Solano Prep, a top Arizona team in the BSN Showcase.”

Q: How did you prepare your team through this season?

A: “I’ve prepared this team with all that I’ve been taught in the past. I’ve prepared them by building relationships with trust and just loving them because that’s when they have the want to play for you. We also had a motivational speaker and great friend of mine, Terrance Minnoi, speak to our team before playoffs. His message was a great tool for us because he helped provide us with a new outlook. He had learned a great deal from some medical challenges he experienced, and he passed that wisdom on to our team.”

Q: What were some of the challenges of this season so far?

A: The challenges were playing without football guys 7 games earlier in the season and keeping everyone healthy. Another challenge is making sure our guys don’t lose momentum going further into playoffs after beating everyone by 20 or more points.

Q: What is your vision for this team, both this season and for the future?

A: My vision for this year is to win a Valley Championship and then win the next five state playoff games for a CIF State Championship. My vision for next year for our program is to keep on winning at a high level.

Q: How has the growth been from the beginning of the season to now?

A: The growth has been really good, offensive rhythm, defensively being able to make adjustments, and forming our players into high level high productive who go out and serve the community.

Q: Is there anything you would like to add Coach Brown?

A: I appreciate everyone’s support and let’s keep this thing moving!