BCHS Senior Ben Yurosek Becomes First BCHS Student Athlete to Sign With Stanford

Brianna Bowyer, Eagle Post Staff

BCHS senior Ben Yurosek  recently signed with Stanford University to further his academic career and to play football. Yurosek also known as “Big Ben”  has led BCHS to numerous victories including both Valley and State titles. He has proved himself to be a key player on both offensive and defensive lines. Yurosek had the opportunity to visit Stanford in June of 2019, when he was made aware that he would receive a scholarship to play football. “I was overjoyed [when I found out] and a tremendous amount  of relief was lifted off of my shoulders” Yurosek said.

When asked what his experience was like and what he has learned Ben stated, “I learned that working hard with yourself constantly can provide great opportunities and I am so lucky to be in a position where I have friends and family to support me.” Achieving this goal took a great deal of hard work, countless days out on the football field and  diligence in maintaining his strong grades along the way. When asked about her son’s accomplishments, Kellie Yurosek said, “Ben is the same person at home as the person that people know him to be at school and in the community. It’s very inspiring for me as a mother to see that he worked so hard for so many years to be able to earn this scholarship and to play for Stanford.”

Coach Darren Carr was grateful for the opportunity to work closely with Yurosek throughout the experience. “I couldn’t be prouder of Ben Yurosek. From the moment he stepped onto our BCHS campus he bought in, he trusted the process and he worked his tail off. He is one of the greatest student-athletes  I have ever coached, if not the greatest. This school and our football program has been blessed to have this young man on our campus and our football field for the past four years. I have no doubt in my mind that he will make Stanford University just as proud in the following years. We love him so much and pray nothing but blessings over him and his family.”

Ben thanks God and his parents most for supporting him the most through both his athletic and academic journey.