Mayor Karen Goh Appoints BCHS Eagle Sam Baldovinos as Youth Commissioner


Sam Baldovinos, a junior at Bakersfield Christian High School, was appointed to the City Youth Commission by Mayor Karen Goh. The City Youth Commission is a council for the youth that discusses and brainstorms ideas to help find further viable solutions for the problems that impact young people. These problems can consist of educational issues, the drug and vaping epidemics, and access to community resources. The commission includes eight people and they meet once a month to address issues and concerns. The commission members also form subcommittees to create collaborative projects and events.

In order for Sam to become a part of the commission, he had to apply to be selected for the appointment by Mayor Goh. The mayor and her peers consult with each other and review each application they receive from schools throughout the region. “Any time that you are given the opportunity to lead and have an impact on the community you have to take it. When you have the ability to make a change and influence the community in positive ways you need to jump on board. That is why I seized this opportunity to be a part of this committee, ” said Sam Baldovinos.  Other leadership building activities for Baldovinos include a summer internship with State Assemblyman Vince Fong, forming a Bible study group for the BCHS Swimming and Diving Team,  guiding tours for BCHS Visitation Days, and hosting a foreign exchange student from Thailand.

This commission is for young adults who strive to take part in something monumental and who want to make a difference in their community. “Sam is also one of our top Congressional debaters on the BCHS Forensics team. It is a blessing to see Sam using his God-given gifts and talents to be a voice for young people in Bakersfield,” said BCHS Forensics Coach Jillian Stump. “It was an honor to provide Sam the highest recommendation for this exciting opportunity for him to serve God and others in our community.”

Sam has also received great leadership training from his parents with their backgrounds in community leadership. His father, Carlos, is the Executive Director of the Mission at Kern County, and his mother also works at the Mission in the job training and in the Women and Children’s Recovery Home.  Sam has witnessed their authentic leadership in how they have been serving the homeless population and school children in the Kern County region day in and day out for the past decade. “We are very proud of Sam as he officially starts on the Bakersfield Youth Commission. God is faithful,” said Carlos Baldovinos.