Knight Jarecki Committed to the University of Oregon For Journalism


Emily Bishop, Eagle Post Staff

Knight Jarecki was recently accepted into the University of Oregon to study journalism. He originally thought he was going to attend Penn State, but later changed his mind due to geographical and logistical reasons. After weighing many factors including academic and family considerations he made his final decision to commit to the University of Oregon. It took a great deal of prayer, wisdom and evaluation to make this important choice.

He invested a great deal of effort and extracurricular activities over his four years at BCHS that resulted in nine admissions offers from some of the top journalism schools across the nation including the University of Missouri, Penn State, Washington State, and others. For the last few years Jarecki has gone to journalism camps at the colleges which is how he caught the attention of lead professors at Penn State and Oregon.

Though he faced many challenges with always being on call to broadcast and take photos on the field, Jarecki worked diligently to reach his ambitious goals. “Knight provided exceptional football coverage for the Eagle Post and the yearbook throughout this exciting and long state championship season for the Eagles,” said BCHS Journalism and Yearbook teacher Jillian Stump. “It is exciting to think how he can continue to work with our program next year from the University of Oregon through Skype and by returning to our campus to share with our high school students how your dreams can become reality with the help of God and hard work.” Jarecki will become a member of the BCHS Mentor Circle group made up of BCHS alumni who share their college and professional experiences. “It is exciting to see Knight going on to do bigger and better things after he has helped us to expand our journalism program at BCHS. I know we will all be watching him as a sportscaster on national television someday and we all wish him the very best,” said Broadcast Journalism teacher at BCHS Bob Hudson.

Jarecki thanks God for how God pushed him and allowed  him to achieve these goals. “I am interested in covering the World Track Championships next year and other exciting opportunities at the University of Oregon.”  He is also looking forward to a future career Sports Broadcasting. “We just can’t believe how exciting this is for our son. We are super proud of him. It has been a miracle to see the Lord working through him and growing him over these years,” said Knight’s mother, Mrs. Pam Jarecki. “My husband and I plan on continuing our volunteer work as sporting events ticket takers and anything else we can do to help out at BCHS. We told Knight he will always need to give back to the BCHS campus to help support the Broadcast and Print Journalism program at BCHS that kick started his career.”