Cross Country Coach Stephanie McNeil Provides Season Insights

David Meshreky, Staff Writer and Photographer



David Meshreky interviewed the Cross Country Head Coach Stephanie  McNeil and got the highs and the lows of the action packed season.

Q: What were the highlights of the season?

A: Watching athletes learn to believe in themselves. Cross country is a very difficult sport. You’re out there on the course on your own with only your mindset pushing you but every single race. I watched as athletes learned they could do it and  got faster and faster each time. This was also the largest team we’ve had in the past five years. The cross country program is growing at a rapid rate which is always exciting.

Q: What were some of the challenges the team faced?

A: There always comes a point in every runner’s life where they have to decide if this is what they want or not. Each year, we lose athletes due to the fact that they’ve realized their heart isn’t really in it. And that’s a challenge for me. But it is also a part of life. Everyone has to choose their own path they are going to take. We’ve also had to deal with a few major injuries this year that took out some of our fastest runners. It was challenging to our team to keep going without them.

Q: What are some awards and achievements the players were given?

A: Our JV girls took third place in the Masters Invitational and second in the Clovis Invitational. We had multiple runners win medals throughout the year for placing in the top half and have had over 15 athletes gain new Personal Records.