Christmas Giving Project – Munsey

Emily Bishop, Eagle Post Staff

On December 19 2019, ASB and Munsey Elementary joined together to enjoy friendship, faith, and Christmas fun. Each 7th period class was assigned a student and gave gifts. On Thursday afternoon, the students of Munsey were given the gifts and got to spend time enjoying the Christmas cheer. ASB planned a special event that included games and even Santa! The children were able to talk to and take pictures with Santa. By the end of the day, every child had a smile on their face and had received miltiple gifts from the students here at BCHS. This project is a reminder of the reason for the season, to give.

According to Dayna Gardner, the principle of Munsey Elementary, these gifts will be the “most they have ever received for Christmas and the best quality of gifts they have received.” She stated that even though the gifts are for the students, it also helps out the whole family deal with the stress of having to afford gifts.

This project started about 8 years ago when Gardners daughter was involved with the student council here at BCHS. They were looking for a school to help during this season and Munsey was suggested. In these last years that BCHS had helped, they have blessed 240 students with gifts. Gardner gives her thanks to the school saying, “You have blessed students who are homeless, children of incarcerated parents, foster youth, migrant children and the children of the working poor among others.”

During this project, it’s not about giving the most amazing gifts, it’s about helping these kids see the love of Christ through the students of BCHS. When the kids open their gifts, their faces suddenly light up and are full of excitement. Throughout the day, the kids get gifts and form relationships with BCHS students. It’s a great day to give back and appreciate the things we take for granted.