BCHS Student JoVi Mongold Achieves Second Runner Up in the Nation

Erica Nassar and Brianna Bowyer

JoVi Mongold, a freshman at Bakersfield Christian High School, achieved second runner up in the nation during the National American Miss pageant last week. JoVi is currently holding the title of Miss California Junior Teen 2019. She is also a foster care and adoption advocate. She is honored to be able to be a voice for the voiceless and aims to speak to our President and legislative branch at the White House sometime in the future. JoVi’s family of ten is exceptionally supportive of her strong drive for pageants, including her mother, Timi Mongold, who said, “She had no idea how far and how many lives she had reached. Fall in love with something, then volunteer in that area and watch that ripple effect create a wave in changing lives. Serve with a pure heart with Christ as your guide and He will do the rest.”

JoVi stated, “The National American Miss pageant promotes dreaming big and giving girls that extra confidence.” In preparation, JoVi attended numerous community events, mock interviews, and several trips down to Los Angeles for event preparation. At the NAM pageant, JoVi experienced a broad spectrum of memories, friendships, and lifelong skills developed over the past week. Mr. Buetow, the President of BCHS, commented, “I am incredibly proud of how JoVi represented our Lord, her family, our school, our state and herself in this national and intensive competition. We are blessed that she is a BCHS Eagle! Way to go JoVi!”

JoVi has participated in four pageants and soon more to come. The NAM pageant left JoVi grateful for the opportunity to represent her belief, family, and school. In reality, the majority of people are not aware of pageantry and the hard work it takes. JoVi spoke on this by saying, “There are so many misconceptions about pageantry. NAM girls are so much more than a sash and crown. We’re educated, driven, dedicated, determined, helpful, unique, social, approachable, compassionate, faithful, understanding, loving, hard-working, fun, funny, Christ-loving, young women who happen to be just as beautiful on the inside as we all are on the outside.” JoVi Mongold is looking forward to future opportunities. She will continue to seek out strategic ways to advocate for foster children and the adoption process as she serves her community and others.