BCHS Graduate and Family Travel to Maliyali For Mission Work

Emily Bishop and Erica Nassar, Eagle Post Staff Writers

Many BCHS alumni are successful in many different professions such as teaching, medicine or law. One BCHS graduate, David Rimestad, was inspired by God to take on the challenge of mission work abroad. The Rimestad family answered the call from God and chose to live in one of the densest jungles in the world located in Papua New Guinea.

Rimestad came to share the story at one of the early BCHS Chapel gatherings. The people of Maliyali have been living without the knowledge of  God and have been carrying out their ancestral practices. The Rimestad family felt called to educate the Maliyali people about God and the outside world. The family journeyed to this remote tribal region to learn their language in order to translate the Bible for the Maliyali people to understand and begin to feel the love of God.

The Rimestad family has created a website and a blog for people to follow their efforts in teaching the people of this tribe.  Recent images have been shared with Eagle Post staff shown below that highlight the friendships and cultural exchanges that have been taking place since they arrived.