Veterans Day Honored As Eagles Soar High In Service To God and Their Country

BCHS Graduates Serve Bravely

BCHS Graduates Serve Bravely

By Eagle Staff

Veterans Day is a day to gather in local communities to honor those who have bravely served and are serving this country. As citizens across the nation continue to benefit from the many freedoms granted through the United States Constitution it is important that the people of the United States continue to give thanks to those who help guarantee their protection and the right to religious freedom. Students at Bakersfield Christian High School have examples from within their own peer groups of young people who have continued to live out this call of duty on a daily basis when they joined the military in many different branches

Trinity Backhaus, Nathan Roodzant, and Noah Reese are just a few of the recent 2019 graduates who have left the comfort of their homes, families and communities to serve. Backhaus signed with the Air Force to become a broadcast journalist after she studied in 2019 in Yearbook and Broadcast classes at BCHS. Backhaus stated, “Through me people will be able to see the love I have for Jesus and for my country through my actions and how I present myself.” Backhaus shared, “Although I have had some rough times and some getting used to since I joined the military I would not have picked any other career path for myself because I have already created bonds with people in the military that are amazing.  I know I am part of something that is bigger than myself.

BCHS Alum Roodzant also received the nomination for the Naval Academy from Congressman Kevin McCarthy. He has the aspiration to become a fighter pilot to help keep America free. Roodzant stated, “I will be joining the Fleet in four years after I graduate from college. I had a class called Seamanship and Navigation that required me to drive a 70 foot naval ship.

BCHS Noah Reese also joined the Air Force to work in the medical field, as a translator or a helicopter/drone mechanic. He said his goal is to leave a significant impact on the world either domestically or abroad to help the country and its citizens.

Other students currently attending BCHS also have hopes and aspirations to follow in the footsteps of these students and others who have gone before them in joining the military.  Ashton Gaines is seeking nomination from Congressmen Kevin McCarthy for the service academies as well.

Incoming freshman Matthew Kightlinger has his sights set on this path at an early age.  A member of the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) Program Kightlinger specifically chose to come to BCHS to receive rigorous academic training to increase his chances of earning the nomination for the service academies when his time comes in a few years. His parents gave him the choice to either attend public high school and they would purchase him a plane to earn his hours flying for his license or attend BCHS instead. “I chose BCHS over the plane because I knew I would need the strongest academic environment to help prepare me for my future in the military,” said Kightlinger.

Students interested in these service opportunities should contact their academic advisors for more information. To share stories of other BCHS graduates who have served or are serving in the military, please email Executive Editor Andrea Venegas at [email protected]

Thank You to These Bakersfield Christian Graduates* For Their Service To Our Country:

Savannah August 2015 U.S. Navy

Trinity Backhaus 2019 U.S. Air Force

John Bennett 1995 U.S. Marine Corps

Samuel Burgess 2010 U.S. Army

Nelson Chandler 2015 U.S. Navy

Devin Crabtree 2016 U.S. Marine Corps

Court Fimple 1992 U.S. Army

Jacob Fulce 2011 U.S. Marine Corps

Joseph Gerdeman 2012 U.S. Marine Corps

Brian Good 1995 U.S. Navy

Peter Grant 2007 U.S. Coast Guard

Brett Hallstrom 2011 U.S. Marine Corps

Celia Hickman 2016 U.S. Marine Corps

Kevin Imke 1982 U.S. Navy

Luc Irey 2018 U.S. Air Force

Craig Kennemer 2009 U.S. Army

Kalvin Kirkwood 2012 U.S. Army

Neil Kramer 1982 U.S. Army

Jonathan Loman 2016 U.S. Marine Corps

Tyler Lozano 2015 U.S. Marine Corps

Tara (Miller) Pate 2013 U.S. Marine Corp

Zachary Nielsen 2018 U.S. Marine Corps

Mike Niemann, Jr. 1990 U.S. Army

Scott Porto 1994 U.S. Navy

Cadiz (Prince) Crain 2011 U.S. Navy

Noah Reese 2019 U.S. Air Force

Cameron Reeves 2016 U.S. Navy

Levi Rickett 2009 U.S. Army

Nathan Roodzant 2019 U. S. Navy

Matt Smith 2015 U.S. Air Force

Christina Soderstrom 2013 U.S. Air Force

Matt Soderstrom 2012 U.S. Air Force

Benjamin Spiva 2015 U.S. Air Force

Tyrone Taylor 1995 U.S. Marine Corpos

Mike Tuey 1985 U.S. Air Force

Nathan Witymer 2006 U.S. Air Force

Robert Wood 2013 U.S. Army

Kevin Yarian 2012 U.S. Army

Mariner Winter 2016 U.S. Navy

*If you know of other BCHS graduates who serve in the military, please contact Executive Editor Andrea Venegas at the above email address to share a photo and information to be added to the Eagle Post slide show collection.