Fine Arts Festival and Via Arte Showcase Broad Spectrum of Talents

Amelia Sorci, Associate Editor

This year’s Fine Arts Festival was an opportunity for students to demonstrate their gifts and talents given by God at this annual fall event that included both visual and performing arts. With programs in growth mode and student enrollment on the rise, this event is certain to become an annual festival for years to come.
The Fine Arts Festival was a wonderful event for all BCHS VPA classes to be showcased. Under the direction of Mr. Joseph and Mr. Clark’s leadership, more of the VPA classes were included this year. “At first, it seemed daunting to fit all the different talents into one event, but with a clear schedule everything went very smoothly and I was very pleased with how it all played out. I would encourage all of our student body to come out and support our next Fine Arts Festival event in March of 2020,” said Mr. Clark.

Guests were able to see our school’s jazz band, wind ensemble, show choir, guitar students, and the art student’s work. “We had many fine art and musical aspects, my favorite being the rotating art gallery, but there was really something for everyone,” said Commissioner of Fine Arts Hannah Pierce.
BCHS art students also went to the Marketplace that weekend to participate in Via Arte. Via Arte is an event where professional artists and student artists can come out as show off their skills with chalk. “Via Arte was such a blast to be apart of. I’m so grateful for everyone who came out and made it possible,” Pierce stated. The theme of the BCHS artwork was world unity. Art students drew a portrait of a woman holding a dove, and a piece that incorporated flowers coming out of the subject’s hat.