BCHS Theater Presents “A Somewhat True Tale of Robin Hood”

Madelyn Vendsel, Cast Member/Theater Student

On the weekend of November 9 BCHS’s theater program performed a rousing production of The Somewhat True Tale of Robin Hood, written by Mary Lynn Dobson. The talented actors at BCHS brought this humor-filled tale of the legendary Robin Hood, played by Cade Schweitzer, and the lovely Maid Marian, played by Sydney Dameron, to life with a “somewhat true” twist. The story was told with the assistance of the sassy Town’s Girl, played by Sonnet Haddad.

Mrs. Leyendecker, the director, said, “This show had been challenging for students, but they have really proved themselves. Their comedic timing, silliness, and ability to bring these iconic characters to life has really exceeded my expectations.” Prop Master, Falon Butcher, was phenomenal in keeping the actors and crew organized.

The Sheriff of Nottingham was played by Gabe Garcia. He did a wonderful job as he portrayed the selfish brat who never grew up. The evil Prince John was brought to life by Austin Dunn, who believed he was in charge of everything in the kingdom; though he was not. The Merry Men were played by: Beth Rand, Faith Hernandez, Jesse Chitwood, Jaden Leyendecker, Collyn Rygney, Bredan Dunnigan, Allison Herman, Aimee Engel, Kylie Jacober, Phillip Altmann, and David Meshreky. These actors rounded out the cast and provided everyone with additional laughter and smiles. The Fawning Ladies were played by: Allison Herman, Sam Cadena, Kylee Carreon, Maeia Vittoria Urbano Blasetti, and Alyssa Jimenez.

Gabe Garcia said, “My favorite part about working with the other cast members was seeing their energy and talent truly displayed. When we work together, we’re like family.” Cade Schweitzer claimed his favorite part about being Robin Hood was, “Listening to the audience laugh brought me joy on stage. I loved the challenge of taking on a different persona and showing everyone what I can do.” Sydney Dameron’s favorite part about how she portrayed Lady Marian was, “Exemplifying a character I believe is close to my own personality. I feel free to be me with this cast that’s like family.”